Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Author Signed Copy of my Oracle Private Database Cloud cookbook


My Oracle Press book "Oracle Private Database Cloud cookbook" looks at all the private database/ schema/ PDB services in detail, and shows you how to set up Chargeback, and also explains how to use the RESTful API for performing DBaaS, SCHaaS and PDBaaS, and gives step by step instructions to set up the Oracle Database Hybrid Cloud using the Enterprise Manager Hybrid Gateway to connect to the Oracle Public Database Cloud.

A few Author signed printed copies are now available.  If interested in one of these special copies, contact me directly on and I will inform you of the postage charges to anywhere in the world. The book cost is 60 USD and postage will differ as per the country.

Table of Contents:
Ch. 1: Consolidation Planning for the Cloud Ch. 2: Database as a Service Ch. 3: Schema as a Service Ch. 4: Pluggable Database as a Service Ch. 5: Hybrid Database Cloud Ch. 6: Using the RESTful API Ch. 7: Managing Database Backups Ch. 8: Managing Standby Databases

The book has been reviewed by popular Oracle ACE Director Gokhan Atil, he said "I can say that I really liked the book. It’s really easy to read and all topics are explained by detailed samples. Porus Havewala has a deep knowledge and experience about the subject so his instructions are very clear. It’s like following a workshop about building Database as a Services architecture on Cloud."

The book has also been reviewed by Rob Zoeteweij who is an Oracle ACE, Enterprise Manager expert, specialist and trainer. He also has his own Linkedin group on Enterprise Manager. His review says "When you are looking for a book on a thorough guidance through the setup of DB as a Service and Schema as a Service and working with the Self Service portal of Oracle Enterprise Manager release 13c Cloud Control, stop looking you found it. "


Porus Homi Havewala
Oracle Certified Master.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Gavin Soorma to conduct new Oracle 12c Data Guard/Backup and Recovery Workshop

Dear Friends,

We are very pleased to announce the  upcoming new Oracle 12c Data Guard/Backup and Recovery Workshop. This will be conducted by my friend Gavin Soorma who is an Oracle ACE Director, Oracle Certified Master, and a highly experienced Oracle technology instructor.

DBAs, protect your company data and also more importantly protect your job!

Learn how to configure an Oracle 12c Data Guard environment and perform switchovers and failovers in an Active Data Guard environment with confidence.

Learn advanced RMAN Backup and Recovery techniques and best practices and also practice recovery from a number of real-life simulated failure scenarios.

The cost of the 20+ hour online course is only $549.00 and also includes a lifetime membership to Oracle DBA Tips and Techniques website repository.

The course will include main  topics which would require attending two Oracle University courses which would cost over $7000!

The course is being offered both on weekends (Saturday US AM) as well on weekdays (Mon -Fri US PM).

Kindly use the registration links provided below to register for the required batch.


Registration URL:

(The weekday sessions start Mon, Nov 13, 2017 US PM (or Tues in other time zones) and meet 10 times)


Registration URL:

(The weekend sessions start Sat, Nov 11, 2017 US AM (or Sun in other time zones) and meet 5 times, with longer duration sessions)


Porus Homi Havewala
Oracle Certified Master.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Free trial access of the Oracle Licensing training course


This is a message from my friend and Oracle licensing expert Sibaji Dey Choudhury.

Oracle Licensing has been a global challenge for a number of years now, and a lack of deep understanding on Oracle Licensing has derived $$ Millions during audits from unaware Oracle customers. To help tackle this issue 'Licensing Circle' was built to train and certify Oracle professionals on a comprehensive, portal-based knowledge on Oracle License Management.

The Oracle Senior DBA group on Linkedin has negotiated with 'Licensing Circle' to provide for the members of the Oracle Senior DBA Group a Free, trial access of the Oracle Licensing training course. This offer is also open to your own Linkedin contacts who may not be a member of the group.

So, how do you get the Free, trial access of 'Licensing Circle'?

Step 1: Sign up on (takes 1 minute)
Step 2: Request Free, trial access on the Contact Us page. Mention the Oracle Senior DBA group.

We sincerely hope this will benefit all our group members and their contacts.

Best regards,

Porus Homi Havewala,
Oracle Certified Master.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Gavin Soorma Implementation Workshop: GoldenGate 12c

From fellow Oracle Certified Master Gavin Soorma:

Register for the new Oracle GoldenGate 12c Release 3 online training course from Gavin and learn all about the exciting new features in Oracle 12.3 OGG like the Microservices Architecture, Parallel Replicats, Automatic Conflict Resolution and more as well as fast track yourself towards acquiring the skills to implement and maintain an Oracle 12c GoldenGate replication environment. Great for cloud database migrations as well.

Course Duration: 20+ hours
Course Fee: 549.00 USD including a lifetime subscription to Gavin's "Oracle DBA Tips & Techniques" website
Hands-on Lab Exercises with recordings provided of every session

Course Topics and Objectives:

• Learn about the new Oracle GoldenGate 12c Release 3 microservices architecture, topologies and components
• Installation of Oracle GoldenGate 12.3 Classic as well as Microservices Architecture
• Configuring the Manager process
• Prepare the Oracle database for GoldenGate replication
• Create Classic/Integrated extracts and replicat process groups
• Create Co-Ordinated /Parallel replicats
• Configure and manage DDL replication
• Configuring security and encryption of trail files and credentials in GoldenGate
• Column mapping, Data filtering and transformation
• Using the Logdump utility to examine trail files
• Using OBEY files, macros and tokens
• Handling errors and exceptions in GoldenGate
• Configuring Automatic Heartbeat Tables
• Monitoring Lag
• Configuring Bi-Directional replication, Conflict Detection and Resolution, and new 12c Release 3 automatic conflict resolution

Both weekdays as well as weekend batches are available for this training course.

Use the links below to register for the training.

From Mon, Oct 23, 2017 and meets 10 times

From Sun, Oct 29, 2017 and meets 5 times

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

New Oracle Training from OCM Gavin Soorma

Dear Friends,

Fellow Oracle Certified Master Gavin Soorma has now created some exciting new Oracle training courses.  On his behalf, we are pleased to announce the following forthcoming online training courses:

<> Oracle Database 12c Release 1 and Release 2 New Features
<> Oracle 12c Data Guard and Backup and Recovery
<> Oracle Performance Tuning Workshop
<> Exadata essentials for Oracle DBA’s
<> Oracle GoldenGate 12c Release 3 Implementation Workshop
<> Oracle GoldenGate 12c Release 3 Advanced Workshop
<> Oracle 12c Clusterware, RAC and ASM
<> SQL Server 2016 for Oracle DBA’s

All the above courses are between 16 to 20 hours in duration (4 hours a week) and are each priced at only 499.00 USD including a free lifetime membership to his Oracle DBA Tips and Techniques website.

Recordings will be made available for each session and every course will carry several hands-on lab exercise modules for which remote support will be provided as well.

Kindly register your interest for any of the training courses listed via the link below:


Porus Homi Havewala
Oracle Certified Master.


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